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August 2008


Forum’s web site: www.masscommunicating.lsu.edu

Greetings from the Forum on Media Diversity. This is the first of what will be a series of newsletters from our web site that is dedicated to providing resources for improving teaching in journalism/mass communication programs across the country. We look forward to receiving your comments about our site.  In this issue, we are pleased to announce the addition of sample syllabi from some of our colleagues who teach multiculturalism in their classes.

1. New Web Page on Media Diversity Syllabi: http://www.masscommunicating.lsu.edu/diversitysyllabi.html

This web page includes 36 syllabi, mostly up-to-date, with more to be added. The Forum on Media Diversity developed this resource syllabi to facilitate the development of curricula and to help us all improve our teaching. The syllabi on these pages were provided by faculty colleagues at universities across the country. This is an on-going project, and we will update it with more syllabi and up-to-date versions of existing ones. We invite you to share your syllabi with your colleagues.

If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact Prof. Ralph Izard at izard@lsu.edu or the webmaster at mbiswa1@lsu.edu

2. Annotated Bibliography: http://www.masscommunicating.lsu.edu/searchgateway.html

This database includes bibliographic information of more than 2,000 academic and professional journal articles, books and conference papers on diversity issues with focus on media, journalism and communication in both national and international contexts.

3. Help us expand our “News & Events” and “Resources” web pages

Please send us information about your research reports and publications on diversity and diversity-related events and pictures. E-mail your information to the webmaster, Masudul Biswas, at mbiswa1@lsu.edu

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