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Spotlight: "Women in Higher Education: The Fight for Equity"

Edited by Marian Meyers with Diana Rios (Hampton Press, 2012)

About the book (Source: Amazon.com): For the past 40 years, women in the academy have been working to achieve equality with their male colleagues in the areas of hiring, salary, promotion, tenure, and alloted resources. Yet, research indicates that in many ways, academia has been resistance to change.

This text provides evidence of on-going discrimination in the work lives of women graduate students and faculty. The 13 chapters in this book draw on theory, research, and personal narrative to illustrate, theorize and explore the chilly climate that academic women face, as well as to offer alternatives for creating a more inclusive, fair and just academy for everyone. Click here to get more information about this book.

Editor Marian Meyers is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University, where she also is an affiliate of the Women’s Studies Institute.

PHOTO: Holcomb HathawayOvercoming Bias: A Journalist's Guide to Culture & Context
(First Edition)
By Sue Ellen Christian (2012). Publisher: Holcomb Hathaway; Scottsdale, AZ

From preface of the book: This book explores biases in the way that humans think, the way that we naturally and instinctively categorize people, filter information, ration our attention, rely on cultural norms and default to rehearsed ways of thinking. These biases affect journalism at every stage of the reporting and writing process. . . .
    Journalists need to know the biases they bring to a reporting situation in order to prohibit them from distorting news accounts and to serve their increasingly diversified audiences. This book provides specific advice, strategies and detailed knowledge so journalists can embrace a more inclusive and open-minded approach to covering a multicultural society
(Photo credit and information source: Holcomb Hathaway).

Lessons from Ground Zero: Media Response to Terror
By Ralph izard and Jay Perkins (2011). Transaction publishers: New Brunswick, NJ.

Overview (Source: Transaction Publishers) - Lessons from Ground Zero’s examines journalism’s efforts to cover a crisis, while analyzing journalism itself. Many lessons were evident to journalists as they sought to cope with the challenges of covering 9/11. The long-term question, however, is whether the answers they found served as catalysts for better journalism in the future, or whether they have been forgotten, put into the closet of old memories with no noticeable long-term impact.

This book analyzes journalists’ response to 9/11 through scholarly research and interviews with many of the journalists who covered 9/11. Sometimes they do not agree, but all are thoughtful and each adds to understanding. Public opinion polls show clearly that citizens appreciated and responded to media coverage. Given that this occurred in a time frame in which public approval of American journalism had declined, it is reasonable to ask what the media did that was different from their normal practices. This book provides some of the answers.

World class diversity management: a strategic approach

By R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. (2010). Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Author's note: "I define World Class Diversity Management (WCDM) as the capability to make quality decisions in the midst of any diversity mixture, in any diversity setting, and in any geographical location . . . WCDM is a universal diversity management capability. The current tendency is to see 'domestic' and 'global' efforts as being separate and distinct. I contend that there is a universal lens we can look through to make quality decisions in the midst of any set of differences and similarities and related tensions and complexities."

About author: Dr. Thomas has been developing and implementing innovative concepts and strategies for maximizing organizational and individual potential through Diversity Management for about 25 years. Dr. Thomas' framework for addressing diversity issues is called the "Strategic Diversity Management Process™."

Source: Multicultural Marketing News (Aug. 18, 2010),
Roosevelt Thomas Consulting & Training, http://www.rthomasconsulting.com/

Understanding ethnic media: producers, consumers and societies
By Matthew D. Matsaganis, Vikki S. Katz, and Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach (2010). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. 

This book provides “a comprehensive review and analysis” of ethnic media production and its consequences on ethnic communities. According to SAGE Publications, Inc., this book is unique in the sense that it covers both consumption and production patterns of ethnic media. This book also includes chapters on the history of ethnic media, its roles in ethnic communities, effects of globalization in ethnic media production and consumption, the professional challenges for ethnic media journalists, and the future of ethnic media. Read more

"Covering Disaster: Lessons from Media Coverage of Katrina and Rita"

Edited by Ralph Izard and Jay Perkins. Transaction Publishers (2010).

Book description (Source: Transaction Publishers) -
"In 2005, journalists faced enormous challenges while covering hurricanes Katrina and Rita along America's Gulf Coast. They struggled to find ways to communicate, move from one place to another, and find reputable information. They witnessed complete chaos, observed human suffering, and were outraged with delayed or ineffective rescue mechanisms."

"The contributors to Covering Disaster study human and professional coping mechanisms and lessons that may be learned from media disaster coverage. During Katrina and Rita, journalists responded largely by redefining traditional ideals of fairness, balance, and objectivity and by adopting an emotionally driven and somewhat more subjective reporting style. In this way, they rediscovered and emphasized journalistic purposes and techniques that have long been the hallmarks of greatness." Readers can read the book partially on Google Books

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“Katrina's Imprint: Race and Vulnerability in America”
Edited by Keith Wailoo, Karen M. O'Neill, Jeffrey Dowd, and Roland V. Anglin (2010)

(Source: Rutgers University Press, June 15, 2010) - Katrina's Imprint: Race and Vulnerability in America explores the power of Hurricane Katrina and “its continuing reverberations in contemporary politics, culture, and public policy.”

“The multidisciplinary volume reflects on how history, location, access to transportation, health care, and social position feed resilience, recovery, and prospects for the future of New Orleans and the Gulf region.” This book is published two months before the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Read more

"The News Watch Diversity Style Guide"
Click here to access the style guide. (Source: CIIJ)

"Diversity Revisited: Good Ideas for Your Diversity Plan"

This is a booklet about diversity in journalism education, published by the Diversity Committee of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication (ASJMC). The 2007-08 ASJMC Diversity Committee reviewed the diversity plans and self studies of over 50 journalism and mass communication programs nationwide. The committee identified both good and aweful diversity plans in their review. This informative booklet includes 7 chapters on "The Importance of Diversity," "Definitions of Diversity," "A Diverse Faculty," "A Diverse Student Body," "Diversity in the Curriculum," "A Supportive Climate," and "Diversity Plans and Assessment." This book is an important resource for any Journalism and Mass Communication schools for developing a diversity plan.

Book picture"The Source Book of Multicultural Experts"

Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) has published the 11th edition of “The Source Book of Multicultural Experts” (ISBN 978-0-9817923-0-9). Marketing executives and journalists can find this book as a useful guide for professional activities. This book includes full contact information of about 200 companies and organizations. It also includes service description of some organizations. The full Source Book can also be viewed online at www.multicultural.com/Book/sourcebook.html

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"Book pictureGrandpa, Is everything Black bad?"

This is a book written for both children and adults. This book brings up the issue of negative perceptions associated with dark colors and dark skin in particular. According to the
publisher, The Culture C.O.-O.P., this book "explores
a young boy's negative perception of himself as a
result of having dark skin in a world that values
European characteristics."

Report picture "Reporting on Religion 2: A Stylebook on Journalism's Best Beat"

It is a resource guide for the journalists who report on religion.
It is a resource from the Religion Newswriters. This guide includes entries on the major religions, denominations, and religious organizations. It also includes "preferred spellings, capitalizations, some definitions, usage guidelines for religious terms, accurate
titles of religious leaders in different traditions, selected pronounciation guides and contemporary issues in the news, such as abortion and homosexuality." This guideis written for journalists only; it is not an encyclopedia of religion or a dictionary of religion.

Book picture

"We All Have A Heritage" is a book that addresses the questions of many young European American children as to whether they also have a heritage.This book explores the fact of root cultures and the ways to bridge cultural divide. This is a publication from The Culture C.O.-O.P.

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Book Picture"Making a Real Difference with Diversity" provides readers with "a step-by-step guide for implementing, evaluating, and sustaining comprehensive diversity work on campus. . . . the monograph offers a set of promising practices and selected quantitative and qualitative findings pertaining to efforts to enhance college access and success for underrepresented students, increase the presence of underrepresented minority faculty, ..."Click here to read more about this book

Book picture"The Authentic Voice – The Best Reporting on Race and Ethnicity," edited by Arlene Notoro Morgan, Alice Irene Pifer and Keith Woods.  Compelling accounts of award-winning journalism that explore the richness of our cultures, and the skills and sensitivities required to cover diversity in contemporary news operations.  The book has an accompanying DVD and is recommended for classrooms and newsrooms. The Manship School is pleased to have been involved with this project.

"News in a New America" by Sally Lehrman addresses the diversity of American news coverage and newsrooms.  Lehrman is an award-winning medical and science policy writer and national diversity chair for the Society of Professional Journalists. Lehrman conducted extensive interviews in newsrooms across the country to address issues such as identification of unconscious stereotypes and reframing diversity issues. The full press release can be accessed here.  The book can be viewed online here.
Courtesy of the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation.

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