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Many Voices, One Vision

Issue #4
April, 2009

Forum’s web site: www.mediadiversityforum.lsu.edu


Important Web Changes

We have made a few changes in the title area of this website.
Instead of “Mass Communicating: The Forum on Media Diversity,”
our web site will now be known as “FORUM ON MEDIA DIVERSITY.”
In line with that, we have changed our URL to www.mediadiversityforum.lsu.edu The former URL is still usable, however, and visitors will be automatically redirected to the new

We also have introduced our slogan, “Many Voices, One Vision,” to
the web pages of this site.


Also, as a means of making the resources section more easily used,
we have divided it into seven separate web pages, all reachable through the main page on “Resources.” Separate web pages on resources include “Research Database,” “Media Diversity Syllabi,” “Articles-Reports,” “Books,” “Diversity Organizations,” “Surveys,”
and "Grants/Fellowships.” 


Forum’s diversity resources:

Research Database
Media Diversity Syllabi
"Diversity That Works"
Diversity Organizations
Diversity News

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