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Many Voices, One Vision

Brant Houston

Eli Wendkos spoke on the use of social media tools for news reporting

Ellen Kennerly spoke on establishing effective web site

A view of participants at the workshop on "Advertising for Success"

Anne Osborne seen interacting with a participant on "Growing Ad Audience"

Lance Porter also spoke on strategies to grow Ad audience

Kodi Wilson spoke on sales at the workshop on "Advertising for Success"

Jan Slater spoke on "Added Value" at the workshop

Ethnic Media

A slideshow of
workshops for
Louisiana Ethnic Media 2010

Workshops for Louisiana Ethnic Media

The Forum on Media Diversity stages workshops
for Louisiana Ethnic Media

The Forum on Media Diversity at the Manship School of Mass

Communication sponsored in March two workshops on “effective use of electronic media” and “advertising for success” for representatives of Louisiana ethnic media.

A total of 28 participants from eight media organizations participated in the programs. The participating ethnic media were The Drum Newspaper (Baton Rouge), Alexandria News Weekly (Alexandria), The Real Views (Natchitoches), The Gumbeaux Magazine/ the Gumbo Media Network (Lake Charles), New Orleans Tribune (New Orleans), El Tiempo New Orleans (New Orleans), Southern Consumer Times (Lafayette), and KGLA Telemundo 42 (New Orleans).
Three sessions of the electronic media workshop included discussions of establishing an effective web page, the Internet as reporting tool, and use
of social media as news tools. The workshop speakers were Ellen Kennerly (LSU), Brant Houston (University of Illinois), and Eli Wendkos (Cox Media Group Digital).

Speakers at the second workshop highlighted strategies to increase advertising audience, advertising sales and how to provide added value in advertising. Workshop speakers were Anne Osborne (LSU), Lance Porter (LSU), Kodi Wilson (LSU), and Jan Slater (University of Illinois).

The workshops were organized with the support of the McCormick Foundation.

The pictures from the workshop are available on the slideshow at the top of this page. You will also find the web links to the presentations on the right column >>>

Updated on March 31, 2010.

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Presentation links

Workshop I:
Effective use of
electronic media
(March 4-5, 2010)

Establishing an
effective web page

Ellen Voss Kennerly, LSU

Internet as reporting tool

Brant Houston
University of Illinois

Use of social media as
news tool

Eli Wendkos,
Cox Media Group Digital

Handout on
Social Media Tools

Workshop II:
Advertising for Success
(March 18-19, 2010)

Growing your advertising audience
Anne Osborne &
Lance Porter, LSU

Sales from A-Z
Kodi L. Wilson, LSU

More Bang for Your Buck
Jan Slater,
University of Illinois

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