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About 2011 hours against hate campaign

About Social Cohesion and Diversity

Trends & Figures

About 2011 hours against hate campaign:

"Change the messenger, amplify the message." Hannah Rosenthal, U.S. Department of State (Source: @EPetersonSHRM, Nov. 7, 2011)

Serves and helps others who do not look like us, pray like us and live like us.

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About Social Cohesion and Diversity

Don't try to find an agreement, try to find an understanding. - Droi J. Maynard, Maynard Institute

Diversity is the means to achieving excellence & truth. - Prof. Ralph Izard, Forum on Media Diversity

In U.S., multiculturalism means interacting with different communities (interaction among people of different cultures) not separation. - Gary Weaver, American University

Simply bringing people into an organization does not make any sense unless they are actively involved. - Eric Peteson, Society for Human Resource Management

More speech is the best way to fight with hate speech. - Heidi Beirich, Southern Povery Law Center

"Social cohesion is a process rather than an end," Essayias Bezabeh, Ethio Diaspora and Netsanet Radio

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Trends & Figures

Hate groups have grown from roughly 600 to over 1,000 since 2000. - Heidi Bierich, Southern Poverty Law Center (Source: @EPetersonSHRM, Nov. 7)

Referring to an information of the U.S. Department of Justice, Humera Khan of Muflehun said, about 70 percent of hate crime in U.S. is anti-semitic. Ms. Khan also acknowledged the reality with Islamophobia, but she observed: The muslim community is starting to learn how to build effective coalitions.

"People want to write about fiction more than they want to write about community." - Stacy Burdett, the Anti-Defamation League

Nearly 20 percent of Americans consume news from ethnic media. - Alex Moe, New America Media

Mainstream news outlets such as Washington Post has begun purchasing ethnic news outlets with larger community reach. - Lori Montenegro, Telemundo.

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