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A university that prioritizes the students who are often ignored

A picture from Rutgers University graduation ceremony
Photo Credit: Mel Evans, AP

By Meredith Kolodner
(May 19, 2016 | The Atlantic) - Protests focused on entrenched racism rocked campuses around the country this year. Many top colleges enroll small numbers of black students, and the four-year college graduation rate for black students is half that of whites.

Rutgers University-Newark in New Jersey has a graduation rate for black students that is far above the national average. But instead of offering out-sized athletic scholarships or perks to potential out-of-state students, the university is doubling down on a bid for students who are often ignored—low-income, urban, public high-school graduates with mediocre test scores. Read more

Fox News: More incidents of racism and sexism

Fox News headquarters in New York City
Fox News Headquarters in New York City (Photo: Reuters).

By Sheryl Estrada
(May 22, 2017 | DiversityInc.) - Racism, sexism and intimidation are so engrained in the Fox News workplace culture that despite the increasing amount of lawsuits filed by employees against the news channel, Bob Beckel, co-host of “The Five,” still thought it was acceptable to berate a Black IT employee. Continue reading this story.

On Monday, May 22nd, three women employees filed federal discrimination lawsuits against the news channel.

New study shows women will turn off a film or TV show if too stereotyped or lacking female characters

(February 25, 2017 | Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media & J. Walter Thompson) - In a recent survey, 66% of women said "they have actively switched off films or TV shows if they felt they were negatively stereotyping them, while 1 in 4 women said that they had stopped watching a film/ TV show because there weren’t enough female characters."

According to another study, female characters in film and TV motivate women to be more ambitious, more successful, and have even given them the courage to break out of abusive relationships. Read this report to get more details.

Texas House passes a bill to restrict bathroom access for transgender students

(May 23, 2017 | Reuters) - The Texas House of Representatives gave formal approval on Monday (May 22nd) to a bill that would restrict bathroom access for transgender students in public schools, a measure that critics say promotes discrimination against such children. Continue to read this story.


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