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Ferguson decision shows the brutality of racism

By Serene Jones
(Nov. 24, 2014 | Time) - It was with sadness and growing anger that many in our community at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York took in today’s news out of Missouri. While we cannot claim to know all that led to the decision, we are deeply concerned about all it implies about our nation and the violence that lives with us. Read more

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TheRoot.Com is tracking public reaction of the verdict through #FergusonTheRoot

No one wanted to talk about Bill Cosby's alleged crimes because he made White America feel good about race

By Rebecca Traister
(Nov. 19, 2014 | New Republic) - This spring, I taught a graduate seminar on magazine feature writing. One of the assignments was Robert Huber’s 2006 Philadelphia Magazine story, “Dr. Huxtable & Mr. Hyde,” a thorough run-down of several rape allegations against Bill Cosby, interwoven with the various charges Cosby himself was leveling at black communities across the nation. Read more

Calling out Bill Cosby’s media enablers, including myself

By David Carr
(Nov. 24, 2014 | The New York Times) - With public revulsion rising in response to snowballing accusations that Bill Cosby victimized women in serial fashion throughout his trailblazing career, the response from those in the know has been: What took so long? Read more

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Youths take to social media to grieve Marion Barry, decry negative coverage

By Desmond R. Barnes
(Nov. 24, 2014 | Washington Informer via the New America Media) - Some are the children of D.C. employees who got their good government jobs after then-Mayor Marion Barry opened opportunities for blacks. Others had their first work experience in his summer jobs program. Many grew up seeing him move around the city — chatting up young athletes about going to college; talking to honor students about scholarships; advising troubled youths about getting back on track. Read more

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