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Pillars of Black media, once vibrant, now fighting for survival

By Sydney Ember and Nicholas Fandos
(July 2, 2016 | The New York Times) - For the black community in Chicago and elsewhere, Johnson Publishing Company represented a certain kind of hope.

The company’s magazines, most notably Ebony and Jet, gained prominence during the struggle for civil rights — Jet published graphic photos of the murdered black teenager Emmett Till that helped intensify the movement — and made it their mission to chronicle African-American life. Read more

UNIDOS app encourages Latino millenials to vote

By Pilar Marrero, Translated by Elena Shore
(Jul 19, 2016 | La Opinion via New America Media) - The launch of UNIDOS, a mobile app that features news, videos and emojis, aims to increase voter participation of what is potentailly one of the most influential segments of Latino voters: Millenials.

The goal of the app is to get the attention of young people between 18 and 34 years old by providing them with information and convincing them of the importance of getting involved, explained John Rudolph, professor and founder of Feet in 2 Worlds, a journalism project that has promoted the work of immigrant journalists since 2004. Read more

Obama signed bill removing words ‘Indian’ and ‘Eskimo’ from federal law

Native Americans

(Source: WhiteWolfPack.Com) - The federal government will no longer use the terms "American Indian" and "Eskimo" after President Barack Obama signed a bill into law.

The official terms will be African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Alaska Native... Read more

When everyone can be ‘Queer,’ is anyone?

By Jenna Wortham
(July 12, 2016 | The New York Times) - Earlier this year, Vice published an essay that posed the question “Can Straight People Be Queer?” The article includes an image from Jaden Smith’s Facebook page of the musician looking petulant in a skirt, alongside the caption “My mood when they try to hate.” Read more

Rape culture in India: The role of the English-language press

By Joanna Jolly with additional reporting by Uzra Khan
(Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy) - A new paper by Joanna Jolly, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (spring 2016) and former BBC South Asia editor, examines the increased coverage of rape in India’s English-language newspapers following the infamous 2012 gang rape in Delhi, and whether this coverage led to policy change. Read more

Which U.S. religious groups are oldest and youngest?

Age structure and median age of U.S. religious groups

By Michael Lipka
(July 11, 2016 | Pew Research Center) - The religious make-up of the United States has gone through dramatic transitions in religious identities in recent years, with age serving as a major factor in projecting how religions will grow in the coming years (Lipka, 2016).

Many traditional evangelical and mainline Christian denominations such as the Presbyterian Church in America and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) have a median age of 59 for their community members, with only 10% of adults in these denominations existing in the under 30 age bracket (Lipka, 2016); comparatively, the Mormon, Orthodox Christian, and Seventh-Day Adventists faiths have an overall younger demographic as compared to other Christian sects (Lipka, 2016). To read more, visit this link.


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