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France, Islam, terrorism and the challenges of integration: Research roundup

(Jan. 17, 2015 | Journalist's Resource) - After the January terrorist attacks in Paris — the brutal murder of 12 people at the satirical news outlet Charlie Hebdo, including four journalists and two police officers, followed by the killing of a policewoman and then four hostages at a Kosher supermarket — French society continues to take stock of what it all means for the country. Immediately after the Charlie Hebdo killings there were hundreds of spontaneous mass demonstrations across Europe condemning the senseless violence, defending the liberty of the press and urging tolerance. Read more

Why don't Jewish lives matter?

By Lev Raphael
(Jan. 18, 2015 | HuffPost Blog) - The Charlie Hebdo massacres highlighted two different cultures to Americans. The first was already way too familiar: Islamic fundamentalism that drives disaffected young men and women to insane violence -- in this case, the massacre of cartoonists who they felt mocked their religion. Read more

Selma Director's MLK Day message: "Don't be 'color-blind'"

By Aaron Couch
(Jan. 18, 2015 | The Hollywood Reporter) - "We need to expand our minds to appreciate our differences. To be color-blind, is not a thing I don't think that one should boast about," she said. "See color and celebrate it. See our differences and celebrate it. When somebody says to me, 'I'm color-blind. I don't see color,' I'm thinking 'You're missing out on a lot of beautiful colors.'" Read more

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Glenn Beck: It's "Critical" that Americans see 'Selma' (The Hollywood Reporter | Jan. 13, 2015)

DiversityInc.: Oscar snubs Selma

By Julissa Catalan
(Jan. 16, 2015 | DiversityInc.) - Many were shocked Thursday morning when the nominations for the 2015 Academy Awards were announced and the critically acclaimed film Selma was shut out of almost every anticipated category. Read more

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This will be the whitest Oscars since 1998

Journalists’ biases must be part Of frank conversation on race

By Karen Turner
(Jan. 15, 2015 | Maynard Institute) - Every January when I offer my online course, “Race and Racism in the News,” I ask students to list and briefly analyze media coverage of their three most important race-related stories from the previous year. When they do this exercise this month, they will have a plethora of stories from which to choose. Read more

Tiffany & Co. features first same-sex couple in engagement campaign

Tiffany & Co.

By Victoria Dawson Hoff
(Jan. 9, 2015 | Elle.Com) - It's almost a cliché at this point—that a little girl dreams of opening a Tiffany blue box from her beau when he finally pops the question. But what about the boys who dream of being proposed to by their beaus? Read More

More stories on same-sex marriage:

Supreme Court will hear four cases challenging same-sex marriage bans (BuzzFeed | Jan. 16, 2015)

Pope Francis criticizes gay marriage, backs ban on contraception (Crux | Jan. 16, 2015)

David Cameron: Same-sex marriage was one of my proudest achievements in 2014 (PinkNews | Jan. 10, 2015)

LGBT images are "less invisible" in Latino media in 2014

By Monica Trasandes
(Jan. 5, 2015 | HuffPost Latino Voices) - At GLAAD we're often asked how LGBT equality is doing in Latino USA and in Spanish-speaking countries. The answer isn't simple, not a thumbs up or thumbs down. It's instead complex, just like the world in which we live. We've seen many setbacks and there's a lot of work to do, but we've also seen some hard-fought wins. And more inclusion. Here's our top ten list of moments that mattered in Spanish-Language and Latino media in 2014. Read more

The backlash against African women

By Sisonke Msimang
(Jan. 10, 2015 | The New York Times) - A few weeks ago, as I was leaving my office, I stopped at a traffic light and watched a young woman cross the street in front of me. She wore a pair of jean shorts cut fashionably high, and I could see the crease of her left buttock extend each time she took a step. She wouldn’t have been out of place in London or New York or Tokyo. Except that this was Johannesburg, the biggest city in a country known for its high levels of violence against women. As I pulled away, I worried that she might be assaulted. Read more

"We asked men to draw vaginas to prove an important point"
If men don't know basic facts about a woman's body, how can they legislate it?

By Elizabeth Plank
(Dec. 22, 2014 | Identities.Mic) - The real takeaway? Funny as the video may be, our lawmakers' lack of knowledge about women's bodies shouldn't be laughed off. Clearly, and unfortunately, the average male doesn't know the first thing about a woman's body, and some are suffering the very real negative consequences of this ignorance. Need proof? In 2014 alone, approximately 75% of anti-choice bills — laws that legislate only a woman's autonomy — were sponsored by men. Read more

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