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Female soldiers protest new ‘racially biased’ Army grooming regulation

By Julissa Catalan
(April 22, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - Thousands of Army soldiers are asking President Obama to override a new grooming regulation, which many believe is racially biased against Black women.

As of Monday, Army Regulation 670-1—which includes new rules on hairstyles, grooming, tattoos and uniforms—went into effect. Soldiers have seven days to observe these standards. Read more

NYC Mayor De Blasio talks policy with city’s ethnic media

By Antonia Massa
(March 28, 2014 | Voices of NY) - Mayor Bill de Blasio discussed plans and policies that will affect New York’s immigrant communities at a roundtable held specifically for the city’s ethnic media on Thursday. Reporters gathered in City Hall to question de Blasio on a range of topics, from the ethnic makeup of his administration to small business regulation, education and affordable housing. Read more

How to link women and minority entrepreneurs to project funding

By Jessica Weiss
(April 2, 2014 | IJNET) - From mobile apps to data viz to digital audio, bold ideas are driving innovation in the news industry. But women and minorities are too often left out of the startup ecosystem in media and in many other industries. Read more

Apple to diversify its emojis following nationwide criticism

By Julissa Catalan
(April 1, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - On Tuesday, tech giant Apple announced that it will be updating its emoji keyboard to incorporate a more ethnically diverse selection. The announcement came in response to a DoSomething.org petition, established last year. Read more

Turning the page of hate in Russia

(March 20, 2014 | Media Diversity Institute) - “The challenge of diversity and tolerance in Russian society is felt today more than ever, and no more so than in the world of media, where internal and external pressures pose threats to the quality of journalism needed to promote pluralism and human rights for all." Read more

Are students being suspended because of their race, ethnicity or disability?

By Julissa Catalan
(March 20, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - A study findings indicate that Black students and kids with disabilities are suspended at “hugely disproportionate rates compared to white students.” Latinos, Black and Latina girls, and LGBT students were also suspended at a high rate. Read more

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Slate.Com: The online Journalism “Revolution” will produce more powerful white men

(March 13, 2014| The Guardian) - At the Guardian on March 12, Emily Bell asked why a new fleet of marquee online journalism startups—including Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, Ezra Klein’s Vox, and First Look Media, which recruited Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and John Cook (husband of DoubleX editor Allison Benedikt) to lead their own digital magazines—“have been spattered with words that denote transformation,” like “revolutionary” and “innovative,” and yet are staffed with a very traditional slate of mostly white and male journalists. Read more

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An experimental video to test the stereotypes in real life
What Happens When a White Man and Then a Black Man Try to Break Into a Car?

By Albert Lin
(Feb. 27, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - When he locked himself out of his car recently, Jason Roberts noticed the sideways glances passers-by gave to the Black AAA mechanic who arrived to help him open the door.

In response, Roberts, the host of YouTube channel Simple Misfits, decided to recreate the circumstances to see if he would get the same results. Read more

Prof immerses class in disability during excursion

By Christian Law
(March 19, 2014 | Athens News) - On Monday morning, a small class of Ohio University students took to the streets of Athens on a journey to explore the recently completed Schoonover Center. Led by their professor, J.W. Smith, the students found the relatively short trip from Lasher Hall to the new building to be challenging like never before. Read more

Lawmaker: Government shouldn’t prevent racial discrimination

By Julissa Catalan
(March 24, 2014 | ) - According to a Republican South Dakota State Senator and “free market economy” advocate, businesses should have the right to deny services to clientele based on their race. Read more

Stuart Hall's cultural legacy: Britain under the microscope

By Stuart Jeffries
(Feb. 10, 2014 | The Guardian) - "The very notion of Great Britain's 'greatness' is bound up with empire," Stuart Hall once wrote. "Euro-scepticism and Little Englander nationalism could hardly survive if people understood whose sugar flowed through English blood and rotted English teeth." Read more

Stuart Hall
Stuart Hall, Photo Credit: The Guardian
ESPN host uses N-Word on the air

By Chris Hoenig
(March 7, 2014| DiversityInc.)- ESPN host Michael Wilbon is so against the NFL’s consideration of a penalty for using the N-word on the field that he used the term on air to prove a point during a network show highlighting the common use of the N-word. Read more

Documentary shows young immigrants overcoming odds

(March 13, 2014 | Voices of NY via The Riverdale Press) - Graduates of ELLIS Preparatory Academy, whose name stands for English Language Learners and International Support, are profiled, along with one current student, in the documentary “I am ELLIS” that recently aired at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Maya Rajamani reports in The Riverdale Press. Read more

Study: 7 racist and derogatory tweets are sent every minute

By Chris Hoenig
(Feb. 26, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - Racist and derogatory messages are posted on Twitter at a rate of about 10,000 tweets per day, or roughly seven tweets every minute, according to a report from a British think tank. Read more

Maynard-sponsored Twitter chat on "Coverage and Consequences"

By MIJE Staff
(Feb. 27, 2014| Maynard Institute) - The Maynard Institute held a Twitter chat on “Coverage and Consequences” and explored what journalists can do better in covering communities of color.

This chat flips the conversation and discusses how communities can provide media information needed to tell stories that are accurate and reflect the full range of life in a community. Read more and find the archived tweets on Storify

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“Fear of fulfilling a negative stereotype" is behind the dismal graduation rate among minority men in community colleges

(Feb. 26, 2014 | Inside Higher Ed) - Men of color attending community colleges are less likely to obtain an associate degree than are white males, despite being the most engaged in and out of the classroom, a new report finds. Read more

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City set to offer rent relief to HIV/AIDS residents

by Jillian Jonas
(Feb. 25, 2014 | Gotham Gezette) - Wanda Hernandez readily admits she’s been in and out of New York City Housing Court because she’s “always in arrears with rent.” She receives rental assistance from the city’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA), but it was recently reduced to $43.53 a month. And although her rent was frozen, thanks to the city’s Disability Rent Increase Exemption, she struggles to come up with $900 each month to pay her portion of the rent. Read more

STEM gaps start in high school

By Albert Lin
(Feb. 20, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - The shortage of women and members of underrepresented groups in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields is no secret, and the College Board’s annual report on Advanced Placement exams suggests that the gap may continue. Read more

The new way towns are segregating schools

By Chris Hoenig
(Feb. 14, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - Part of Baton Rouge, La., wants to segregate the city’s schools, and residents are working on a completely legal method to do so. People who live in middle-class and wealthy neighborhoods in East Baton Rouge Parish are looking to create their own city and public-school district to separate themselves from the poorer neighborhoods in the parish . . . Read more

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Behind the scenes: Coca Cola's commercial "America Is Beautiful"

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Local news anchorman in Atlanta "destroys" conservative myths about multiculturalism in America (Source: Media Matters for America)

We are the 15 Percent: A crowd-sourced website that curates the pictures of America's bi-racial families

Coca-Cola and Cheerios commercials reflected the reality of U.S. multicultural society

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A magazine of their own: Power of the People (POP)
Addressing the lacking of the mainstream

Photo Credit: FORCE via The Hunts Point Express

By Simone Sylvester
(Jan. 17, 2014 | The Hunts Point Express) - When Teresa Rivera turned the glossy pages of top women’s magazines, she didn’t see women who looked like her and the people she knew. No brown skin, no thick hair and definitely no voluptuous bodies.

So Rivera, 20, decided to make her own magazine, one “written by us, for us,” she said. “Us” turned out to be the participants in The Point CDC’s W.O.M.E.N.’s group, along with its director Stephanie Messer.

Their zine, called POP Magazine (the initials stand for Power of the People) is published quarterly. For each issue, the group chooses one young woman to appear on the cover of POP and write the cover story. Read more

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StereotypesThe "racist" New York Post front page story

By Albert Lin
(Feb. 5, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - The New York Yankees made news in late January when they signed Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to an unprecedented seven-year, $155 million contract, by far the largest ever given to a Japanese player. To trumpet the news, the New York Post decided to Photoshop an image of Tanaka into a World War II–era Japanese fighter plane, playing off the Yankees’ nickname . . . Read more

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