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About the Forum


The Media Diversity Forum continues its growth, and we are delighted that we now have a staff of 13 scholars and professionals from around the country. We are pleased that Tracy Everbach of the University of North Texas has moved from her previous position with us to join our administrative team as managing editor. In this position, she will work closely with our site editor and webmaster, Masudul Biswas of Shippensburg University. And welcome to Miglena Sternadore of the University of South Dakota and Jaime Loke of the University of Oklahoma who are joining the forum as co-editors for gender studies. As a result, we know the forum of the future will be an expanded and, we hope, even more helpful version of what you see today.

The contributions of these scholars and those who have been with us for the past year are designed to serve both scholars and professionals. It is our plan to grow in content to benefit the study and practice of diversity in the media and higher education. Visit our Who We Are page for a listing of those contributors to whom we are especially indebted.  

As a partnership of the Manship School of Mass Communication and the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at Louisiana State University, we are now the Media Diversity Forum, a less cumbersome name that is more easily found through standard search mechanisms.But we want more, and we invite submissions from scholars and professionals around the country – your own research or any item you see that you believe contributes to our goals.  We have set for ourselves a broad mandate. The forum is based on the ideas that representative and diverse coverage can determine the success of the news industry, and better journalism/mass communication education will help achieve this goal. Please help us in our efforts to be comprehensive by sharing research and either academic or professional news items.

The foundation of the Forum’s site remains its annotated bibliography on the multiple issues involving media and diversity – more than 3,298 articles from journals and books comprise its database – all accessible at the stroke of a keyword. 

Additional components of the site include special commentary and reports from conferences and workshops,news and analysis from scholarly publications, media and national diversity organizations; sample media diversity syllabi for college faculty members; original research sponsored by the forum; and a calendar of events and opportunities related to diversity. We also serve as the host site for two units of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) – the Minorities and Communication Division and the Commission on the Status of Minorities.

We encourage you to explore all this site has to offer, and we welcome your feedback to enhance both the site and its goals. Your ideas, suggestions and comments will help us change and adjust to meet your needs. Send an email any time to Ralph Izard at izard@lsu.edu

Thank you for stopping by. We’re looking forward to your return visit.

Warmest Regards,
Ralph Izard

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