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Stark racial division in responses to Ferguson shooting

(Aug. 18, 2014 | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press) - Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to say that the shooting of Michael Brown “raises important issues about race that need to be discussed.” Wide racial differences also are evident in opinions about of whether local police went too far in the aftermath of Brown’s death, and in confidence in the investigations into the shooting. Read more

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Trayvon Martin’s dad to Michael Brown’s family: ‘We still don’t understand it’

By Eun Kim
(Aug. 25, 2014 | Grio.Com) - Two families, linked by the tragedy of losing a child, met as the newer set of grieving parents prepared to say goodbye to their son. Read more

Social media posts on music are popular among African Americans

By Flo McAfee
(Aug. 13, 2014 | BlackNews.Com) - From gospel and the blues to jazz and hip hop, African-Americans have long shaped American music – and continue to do so. Listen Up: Music and the Multicultural Consumer is the latest report released as part of the Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Series. African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics – the “Multicultural” consumers – are taking the music industry by storm. Read more

Top 10 back-to-school scholarships for African American and minority students

(Aug. 27, 2014 | BlackNews.Com) - To officially kick off the back-to-school celebration, the top 10 scholarships with upcoming deadlines for African American and other minority students are . . . Read more

Ferguson shows the Black-White
housing gap

By Andre F. Shashaty
(Aug. 17, 2014 | New America Media) - On the surface, the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., was about local police using deadly force on an unarmed young man. But on a deeper level, it reflected the increasing poverty and economic decline that affects ethnic communities all over America. Read more

National leaders in politics and media will participate in NABJ14 this summer

(June 12, 2014 | NABJ) - The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) will hold its 39th Annual Convention and Career Fair, July 30- Aug. 3, in Boston. During the convention, attendees can expect to hear from national leaders from the worlds of media, politics, and culture. Read more

Black and Latino children are affected most by public-school closures

By Julissa Catalan
(May 28, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - A new report by Journey for Justice (J4J)—an alliance made up of multiple grassroots organizations around the country that strive to improve public schooling—illustrates the affects of public-school closures in underrepresented communities. Read more

Blacks still face a discriminatory job market, even with a college degree

By Julissa Catalan
(May 28, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - A newly released report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)—a left-wing think tank that studies inequality and economic issues—shows that Blacks account for a disproportionate amount of the 2013 unemployment rate when it comes to recent college graduates. Read more

NABJ awards Washington Post's Wesley Lowery 2014 Emerging Journalist of the Year

(May 21, 2014 | NABJ) - The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) announces the selection of Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post as the association’s 2014 Emerging Journalist of the Year. The award recognizes an early career journalist who, through their body of work, displays a commitment to NABJ's goal of outstanding achievement by black journalists and a commitment to providing balanced coverage of the black community and society at large. Read more

NABJ honors CNN’s Michaela Pereira with 2014 Angelo B. Henderson Community Service Award

(May 19, 2014 | NABJ) - The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) today announced the selection of CNN Anchor Michaela Pereira as the recipient of the 2014 Angelo B. Henderson Community Service Award. The award recognizes a journalist who has had a positive impact on the community outside the normal realm of journalism and was named for the late Angelo Henderson, who as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal won a Pulitzer Prize and later became a minister, community activist and radio talk show host. Read more

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) 2014 excellence finalists





Digital Media

(Source: NABJ)

The number of uninsured Afrian-Americns in 2014 has dropped because of Affordable Care Act

(April 8, 2014 | New America Media) - The number of African Americans who lacked health insurance dropped dramatically in 2014's first quarter compared to 2013's fourth quarter thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which Republicans threaten to repeal if they win control of both houses of Congress in November's national elections. Read more

Racist tweets after H.S. Basketball game

By Albert Lin
(March 19, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - Three New York high school students have been suspended and more are expected to be disciplined for posting racist messages on social media following their school’s loss in a basketball game to a largely Black team. Read more


Remezcla celebrates the work of Afro-Latino actor during black history month

By Vanessa Erazo
(Jan. 31, 2014 | Remezcla) - Actors of color contend with stereotypes and typecasting on a daily basis. In Hollywood, even in the ‘post-racial era’ an actor’s ethnicity can severely limit the types of roles they are considered for. A Latino actor often has no choice but to audition for roles as a gardener, maid, drug dealer, or janitor and be asked to fake an accent. It’s not much better for blacks. Read more

Sherman's rant may change the black men's coverage

By Dori Maynard
(Jan. 27, 2014 | Maynard Institute) - On a friend’s Facebook page, a commenter contended that the Richard Sherman controversy was just a sideshow. More important, she wrote, we should be focusing on the push to roll back civil rights.

Yes, a football player talking trash after a game should be a sideshow. And, according to Deadspin, when white athletes such as Brett Favre act up, it is exactly that. Read more

N.Y. Juror form includes a question if residents Are ‘Black, African-American or Negro’

By Chris Hoenig
(Jan. 18, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - Yet another juror questionnaire containing offensive options exists, and this time it’s in America’s largest city. Just a few months after DeKalb County (Ga.) court officials left “slave” as an occupation in an online questionnaire, a form for a prospective New York City juror asks whether he or she is “Black, African-American or Negro.” Read more

Black girls are confined disproportionately

By Monique W. Morris
America’s Wire Writers Group
(Jan. 9, 2014 | America's Wire) - Nationwide, African American girls continue to be disproportionately over-represented among girls in confinement and court-ordered residential placements. Read more

First African-American appointed as the U.S. Army's highest-ranking information officer

By HBCU Staff Report
(Jan. 2, 2014 | HBCU Digest) - US Army Lt. General and Hampton University alumnus Robert S. Ferrell was confirmed last month by the US Senate as the Army’s highest ranking information officer. He is the first African-American appointed to this position. Read more

First Black & First Woman: Howard nominated to Navy’s no.2 post

(Dec. 21, 2013 | DiversityInc.) - Confirmation by the Senate is all that stands between Vice Admiral Michelle Howard and history.

Howard was nominated by President Obama on Friday to become the Navy’s new Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO), the branch’s second-highest post. Read more

Hollywood's African-American film renaissance

If you cannot play this video on your device, it is because your device may not be flash compatible.
By Jane Caffrey, CNN | Oct. 20, 2013

Read the story

Race, quarterbacks, and the media: Testing Rush Limbaugh's hypothesis
David Niven, Journal of Black Studies
Vol. 35, No. 5, May 2005, 684-694.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh made headlines in 2003 when he appeared on a cable sports program and claimed the media were biased in favor of African American quarterbacks. Using a sample made up of the seven African American starting quarterbacks in the National Football League matched with seven White quarterbacks with comparable statistics, this study considers whether newspaper coverage was slanted by race.

The data, including more than 10,000 articles published during the 2002 football season, show minor and inconsistent differences in coverage between African American and White quarterbacks and offer no support to Limbaugh's position. Despite the media's apparent lack of bias in this situation, response to Limbaugh's comments in the media avoided the larger issue of race and instead focused on the playing ability of African American quarterbacks. 

Contributed by Issy Moore, LSU Manship School Master’s Student 

Solidarity is for Miley Cyrus: The racial implications of her VMA performance

(Aug. 26, 2013 | GroupThink Jezebel) -- As a black woman, I feel like I owe a debt of gratitude to Mikki Kendall, of Solidarity Is For White Women fame for managing to so perfectly encapsulate years of subjugation of black women by white women. With those five words, she was able to instantly zero in on why Intersectional Feminism is so necessary if the feminist movement is to progress. Read more

Contribute by: Sheji LaDay-Rivers, LSU Manship School Master’s Student

Pew Research: Black optimism fades since 2008

Only 45% Americans see "substancial progress" for African Americans since 1963

(Aug. 22, 2013) - The Pew Research Center has found that "since 2009, there has been a fading of the heightened sense of progress that blacks felt immediately after [President] Obama's election in 2008," according to a survey released on August 22 in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Read more

"Accidental Racist" song triggers a debate

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley explain Controversial Song (Source: ABC via thebreakingnews0)

By Barbara Frankel

(April 12, 2013 | DiversityInc.) - Is there anything good about “Accidental Racist,” the duet by country singer Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J explaining the white Southerner’s need to wear “racist” symbols, like the Confederate flag?

The negative outcry from music lovers and the press has been huge. Critics have called it “the worst song ever” and “actually just racist.” And two days after it was released, the song’s video seems to have been taken down from YouTube. Read more

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African American media on the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson

(Aug. 19, 2014 | New America Media) - The police killing of unarmed teenger, Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, MO, has mobilized African American media across the country. This article is a compilation of editorial excerpts from some of the major black newspapers and news sites since the killing and protest began. Read more

'Treme' actor settles profiling suit vs. Macy's

(July 18, 2014 | USA Today) - A black actor who accused Macy's of racially profiling minorities as shoplifters is settling his civil rights lawsuit, one of several cases that drew attention last year to long-simmering complaints about how big retailers treat minority customers. Read more

Study: Seeing successful black people makes non-blacks deny racism

By Albert Lin
(June 19, 2014 | DiversityInc.) - According to a recent study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, incidental exposure to a Black person who is successful in a nonstereotypical setting (for example, former Brown University President Ruth Simmons or Nobel Prize–winning author Toni Morrison) is enough to make people more likely to believe that systemic racism does not exist. Read more

Black actors' roles are no longer "Just The Black Best Friend Or The Crackhead"

By Danielle Cadet
(June 23, 2014 | The Huffington Post) - There's no doubt that things are changing in Hollywood. In an industry where black actors and actresses were once exclusively relegated to roles as servants, or supporting characters or drug addicts, African-Americans have broken barriers and given way to what some have called the Black Hollywood Renaissance. Read more

Can you really be an 'Accidental Racist'? A country song says yes, but many say
absolutely not

By Jesse Washington | AP National Writer

(Updated on April 12, 2013) - Southern white men don't usually drive racial dialogue. For as long as race has riven America, they have been depicted more often as the problem than the solution. Read more

NABJ honors Boston University’s Michelle Johnson as journalism educator of the year

By Tiane Johnson
(April 16, 2013 | NABJ) – Michelle Johnson, a Boston University professor, was named as the 2013 Journalism Educator
of the NABJ.

"Geno Smith the latest to pay the black tax"

By Jarrett Bell | USA Today Sports

(April 22, 2013) - Not a student of the game. Not committed or focused. Marginal work ethic. When a Pro Football Weekly scouting report on West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith surfaced recently, containing damning proclamations by analyst Nolan Nawrocki about the habits of the top-rated passer in the NFL draft, it made me shake my head. Read more

USA Today's Yamiche Alcindor gets NABJ
award for "emerging journalist of the year"

(April 5, 2013 | NABJ) –The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) announces the selection
of USA Today's Yamiche Alcindor as the 2013 Emerging Journalist of the Year Award recipient. Read more.

NABJ honors Prudential’s Dawn Kelly with annual media professional award

(April 5, 2013 | NABJ) - The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) announces the selection of Dawn Kelly, Vice President and Account Team Leader of Global Communications for Prudential Financial, Inc., as its 2013 Pat Tobin Media Professional Award recipient. Read more

"Get in. Get Happy." Controversy: VW's Super Bowl 2013 commercial

Source: Volkswagen

"Blackface with voices?"
By Luke Visconti

(Feb. 1, 2013 | DiversityInc.) - Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother writing about Super Bowl ads, but there’s one coming up this Sunday from Volkswagen that is a good “teachable moment.” The Volkswagen ad in question features a white guy (we learn in the ad that he is from Minnesota) who speaks in what sounds to me like a mashup Rastafarian/Jamaican accent and who is inanely happy. Read more

9 black contestants found "discrimination" in American Idol

(Jan. 30, 2013 | DiversityInc.) - American Idol accused of racism? That’s what nine Black former contestants claim—and they plan to file a discrimination lawsuit against American Idol for trying to improve show ratings by exploiting Blacks. Read More

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Health News: Segregated Blacks More Likely to Die of Lung Cancer [via DiversityInc.]

Oxygen cancels "All My Babies' Mamas

Source: Color of Change

(Jan. 15, 2013 | Color Of Change) - The Oxygen Media canceled production of the reality television show "All My Babies' Mamas." The network's decision comes after more than 45,000 ColorofChange members signed a petition demanding the show be canceled. Read more

Contributed by Janet Izard

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NABJ's 2013 Hall of Fame: A conversation with the honorees

(Jan. 3, 2013 | Source: NABJ) - The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) invites students, faculty and journalists to a special event to meet and discuss the careers of NABJ's 2013 Hall of Fame honorees. Click here to read the backgrounds of honorees.

1/17/2013 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Newseum (Knight Broadcast Studio)
555 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Click here to find more information about this event.

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"Back to Anniston"

(Source: Alabama Blues| Aug 26, 2012) - I just returned from a trip to Anniston to visit family, and came away with some thoughts I wanted to share. The first set of thoughts relate to a newsletter my father wrote from Thailand back on May 22, 1961, intended for folks in churches all across Alabama and other parts of the south. Read more

"Sununu's controversial race remark"

By Roland Martin
(Oct. 29, 2012 | Source: CNN) - When was the last time you heard someone say it's important to hire a qualified white person for a job? No, seriously, I really want you to think about that question. Read more

White crime victims get favorable coverage in mainstream media news

By Nadra Kareem Nittle
(Source: Maynard Institute | Oct. 18, 2012) -In December 1995, American Journalism Review wrote about a year-old Chicago study documenting that white victims of crime received more television news time than their minority counterparts. Recent research indicates that the trend continues in mainstream media. Read more

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