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Analysis: Comforting soundtracks from the summer of 2020?
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Image from the interview on preserving the history of black filmmakers
PBS Newshour: Preserving the history of America’s first black filmmakers
Resource guide for indigenous journalists doing investigations


Comforting soundtracks from the summer of 2020? Unforgettable and Good Trouble

By Dorothy Bland
(August 3, 2020) - In reflecting on the summer of 2020, the songs “Unforgettable” by Nat “King” Cole and Bebe and Marvin Winans’ “Good Trouble” bring comfort. Our world is struggling with two pandemics – the novel coronavirus and reckoning with systemic racism given the wave of protests around the globe in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing by police in Minnesota.

A Reflection on Media's Coverage of Protests around George Floyd's Death in Police Custody

By Mas Biswas
(June 9, 2020) - How media outlets cover these protests matter since protesters are demanding for a bigger change against systemic racism and in support of equity and justice. The discourses or languages journalists use or highlight matter as Danielle Kilgo, assistant professor of journalism at Indiana University, argued, “general public’s opinions about protests and the social movements . . . are formed in large part by what they read or see in the media.

Roundup: Ethnic Media's Coverage of Protests around the Death of George Floyd in Police Custody

Compiled By Mas Biswas

(June 9, 2020) - In contrast to the coverage by mainstream/general-audience media outlets, how ethnic/community media, in this case, African-American media or “Black Press,” have covered the protests around the death of George Floyd in police custody. 

COVID-19 Pandemic: Journalism, Inclusion and Diverse Perspectives

(May 5, 2020 | Media Diversity Forum) - This roundup or a review of COVID-19 pandemic news coverage has identified limitations in the mainstream news outlets' coverage when the intersection of inclusion and diverse perspectives are considered.

Additionally, this piece includes the initiatives taken by the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education to encourage news outlets practice inclusive, representative journalism in this time of unprecedented crisis.

Celebration of Juneteenth

- Why Juneteenth is a celebration of hope
Why so many Americans want Juneteenth to become a national holiday? (Source: National Geographic)

- Juneteenth: A day of joy and pain - and now national action (Source: Associated Press)

- Meaning of Juneteenth Flag (Source: CNN)

- History: What is Juneteenth (Source: History.Com)

Tweets on #Juneteenth

Books on Misogyny and Media: An Interview with Dr. Maria Marron

(June 18, 2020 | Media Diversity Forum) - According to Dr. Marron, this book is “a primer on what constitutes misogyny and its media representation” that includes “expanding the definition of misogyny from that of hatred of females to, at the one end, bullying and other microaggressions against women, non-hegemonic men and members of other minority groups, to, at the other, sexual assault, rape and even murder.”

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Broussard seen interacting with Ohio University Journalism students
Photo Credit: Ohio University News

Black press wrote about both "points of pride" and challenges in the Black community, says Broussard

(Ohio University News) - This year’s recipient of the Guido H. Stempel Award for Journalism and Mass Communication Research, LSU professor Dr. Jinx Coleman Broussard, told Ohio University students and faculty that the Black press wrote about points of pride in the African Americans community, rather than focusing only on challenges facing the readers of those newspapers. Continue to read more about Dr. Broussard's lecture on Black Press and her award.

Erin Haines Whack

Errin Haines Whack, national writer for The Associated Press, discusses coverage of minorities during the era of President Donald Trump at the 10th annual Schuneman Symposium at Ohio University. The program was sponsored by the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and the School of Visual Communication. Whack, NABJ’s emerging journalist of the year, was among 14 speakers at the two-day program on “Covering Trump.” Photo by Robert Stewart.

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