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Freedom of Iranian Women on Facebook
"Iranian state television faked my rape"
Alleges Facebook administrator of "Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women"

By Masih Alinejad
(June 4, 2014 | Time) - After starting a Facebook page where women could post pictures of themselves without their hijab, the state launched a violent smear campaign against me. Read more

#AllMenCan hashtag explores what it means to be a man and a feminist By Heidi Stevens

By Heidi Stevens
(June 5, 2014 | Chicago Tribune) - Men are taking back their good name. #AllMenCan is the latest response to #YesAllWomen, the Twitter campaign that launched an international dialogue about misogyny and violence against women in the wake of the Elliot Rodger killings in California. Read more

‘Maleficent’ shows strength of
female audiences at box office

By Brent Lang
(June 2, 2014 | Variety) - “Maleficent” rode
“Frozen’s” coattails to a decisive victory at last weekend’s box office, analysts say. Read more

Photo Credit: Variety

Washington Post regrets headline advising women to get married
Washington Post's Headline advised women to get married
Photo Credit: Poynter

By Andrew Beaujon (June 10, 2014 | Poynter)
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Facebook lifts ban on exposed nipples in breastfeeding pictures

By Maya Rhodan
(June 13, 2014 | Time) - It appears Facebook has withdrawn its ban on female nipples in photos of breastfeeding mothers. Facebook has drawn heat from feminists for considering images of topless women as violations of their policies against nudity and obscenity. Read more


Scout Willis: Topless Instagram photos are a feminist issue

By Eliana Dockterman
(June 2, 2014 | Time) - More than a few people noticed when Scout Willis walked around New York topless last week. But the 22-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis says she wasn’t just trying to get attention. Her public display was in protest of Instagram’s Terms of Use, which forbids users from posting nude/partially nude images. Read more


Former New York Times editor Jill Abramson to join Harvard as lecturer

By Jessica Glenza
(June 12, 2014 | Guardian) - Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson will teach narrative non-fiction at Harvard University in the fall, the school announced on Thursday. Read more


Rachel Khoo: broadcasters are 'pathetic' about hiring female chefs

By John Plunkett
(June 3, 2014 | Guardian) - Cookery star Rachel Khoo has claimed broadcasters are "pathetic" for not signing up enough female chefs. Khoo was snapped up two years ago by BBC2 for cookery show The Little Paris Kitchen, which featured the then unknown whipping up dishes in her tiny Parisian flat. Read more


Lego mixes it up with female scientist mini-figure set

By Daniela Fisher
(June 4, 2014 | Kidscreen) - In an effort to make the Lego franchise popular with more girls, Lego is releasing a new mini-figure set featuring female scientists that will be part of its regular Lego product range and not its girl-skewing hit line Lego Friends. Read more

Protest in India against race and slaying incidents of teens in India

"Rampant sexual violence" against women in India
Suspects confess in recent rape, slaying of 2 India teens

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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou: A phenomenal woman passes on

(May 28, 2014 | Root via New America Media) - One of the United States' most prolific and beloved authors and poets has died Read more

Time: The most powerful #YesAllWomen tweets

By Nolan Feeney
(May 27, 2014 | Time) - In a disturbing, now-removed YouTube video, the suspect in the murder spree near Santa Barbara, California, promised his revenge against the women who he says forced him to be lonely. Read more


A picture of a woman journalist
Only 20% of news publication writers on serious issues are women

By Julia Carrie Wong
(May 27, 2014 | The Nation) - Foreign Policy recently published a feature on the role of the Academy in foreign policy that asked, “Where are all the women?” Read more

“That’s Part of What We Do”: The performative power of Vogue’s Anna Wintour

(Journal of Magazine & New Media Research | Spring 2014) - In this study, David Weiss examined the powerful role of the fashion magazine Vogue's editor Anna Wintour that goes "far beyond her influence on readers’ clothing tastes and purchases." Read more

Health, weight, and fitness messages in Ebony and Essence:
A framing analysis of articles in African-American women’s magazines

(Journal of Magazine & New Media Research | Spring 2014) - In this study, Linda Kean and her colleagues conducted a framing analysis of the editorial content of two popular African-American women’s magazines, Essence and Ebony, between 2008 and 2009, "with a focus on the topics of excessive weight, body image, health, and fitness/exercise." Read more

The normalization of cosmetic surgery in women’s magazines from 1960 to 1989

(Journal of Magazine & New Media Research | Spring 2014) - In this study, Shu-Yueh Lee and Naeemah Clark conducted a discourse analysis of three popular women's magazines and found that "the history of magazine coverage likely reinforces the norm that natural and artificial body parts can be blended to overcome the biologically inherited limitations of one’s physical self." Read more

ASNE: Newsrooms remain about two-thirds male

By Amy Joyce
(May 20, 2014 | The Washington Post) - According to the recently-released newsroom census report by American Society of News Editors, the percentage of male supervisors is 65.4 versus 34.6 percent for females in 2013. Among the reporters, the gender diversity was 62.2 percent male versus 37.8 female. Read more

"Pushy" is used to describe women twice as often as men

By Olga Khazan
(May 23, 2014 | The Atlantic) - During her three-year tenure, former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson was described (anonymously, of course), as many things, including "brusque," "condescending," and of course, "very, very unpopular." Read more

Being Mia Freedman: 'The idea you’re doing feminism wrong I find laughable'

By Chloe Hooper
(May 27, 2014 | The Guardian) - On the surface, one would expect Mia Freedman to be the opposite of controversial: her life has played out against a backdrop of Australian women’s magazines, our templates of correct femininity. Read more

Others fade, but Judge Judy is forever: At 71, she still presides

By Brooks Barnes
(May 23, 2014 | The New York Times) - Judge Judith Sheindlin, the straight-talking star of “Judge Judy,” peered down at a sassy defendant with disgust. “Listen to me, Miss Fibby,” Judge Sheindlin snapped at a recent taping here. “They don’t keep me here because I’m gorgeous. They keep me here because I’m smart.” Read more

Deja vu: Departure of two female editors in the same week

By Vanessa Williams
(May 15, 2014 | The Washington Post) - The leading French daily, Le Monde, announced the resignation of its editor-in-chief, Natalie Nougayrède. On the same day, we learned of Jill Abramson’s forced departure from the New York Times. Read more

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TV news, women, and sex appeal

By Erik Wemple
(May 5, 2014 | The Washington Post) - If Howard Kurtz keeps this up, we’ll have to change his title at Fox News from “Media Buzz” host to Fox News ombudsman. A week ago, he ripped his own network for being slow-footed to report the news that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy had uttered some racist comments. Read more


How two young journalists are highlighting longform journalism written by women

By Mallary Jean Tenore
(August 30, 2013 | Poynter) - Kaylen Ralph and Joanna Demkiewicz want to help change the under-representation of women in longform journalism. The two young journalists have created an online and print magazine called The Riveter, which highlights longform pieces and narratives written by women. Read more

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